5 Unusual Uses for Vaseline
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5 Unusual Uses for Vaseline

Okay, so some people use it instead of ChapStik and others use it to remove heavy eye make up, but we are looking at unique ways that Vaseline can help restore sanity to your life in ways you never dreamed of before. Vaseline is a petroleum-based gel that can be used to alleviate many problems around the house and yard. Please do not confuse it with Vicks VapoRub or Metholatum – these products contain menthol and are not the same product. This article illustrates 5 uses you may never have tried.

  1. Removes foot odor if you don’t have soap and water available. Smear a thin layer over the feet and between the toes. Put feet in a stationary position and let the Vaseline “soak” in for about 15 minutes. Wipe off with a dry cloth. The smell will have subsided and you can breathe easier around your “foot monster”.

  2. Cleans and shines patent leather shoes and purses. This stuff is great for removing scuff marks, too. Take a soft, dry cloth and rub a small amount onto the surface you wish to clean. Buff until item is free of Vaseline residue.

  3. Can’t get a ring off a swollen finger? If you have a broken finger, you might not want to manipulate it, but if it’s just stuck due to water weight gain or hot weather, try this: dab a little Vaseline all around the ring and finger, twist slightly while pulling, and – voila! The ring slips off in about two seconds.

  4. Key won’t fit into a rusty lock and you can’t find the WD-40? Check your back pack, work bench, or purse for Vaseline. Spread it all over the key very thinly and it should slide right in.

  5. Ants in your pet’s bowl water or food bowl? Spread a thin layer around the outer sides of the container all the way to the ground. Be sure NOT to put any on the top rim – you don’t want your pets to lick up Vaseline! Ants won’t cross the Vaseline and your pet can eat or drink without interruption.

These five quick tips can save you time and aggravation…and make you look like a star when someone is at their wit’s end trying to get out of these situations. Vaseline is relatively inexpensive and a small plastic jar fits almost anyplace in your home or purse. So remember, a little dab of Vaseline goes a long way!

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Comments (1)

One other great use for Vaseline. Put a mound of Vaseline over an embedded tick, this cuts off the air supply and causes them to back out.